3-on-3 is a high-intensity workout with smaller spaces, quicker passes, more shots, more touches on the puck and ultimately more fun.

5:10-6:40PM every Friday Night starting March 23rd until May 25th
$200 for 10 sessions or $25 walk-up fee

Players will be broken up by age and skill level to make for fun age appropriate cross ice games. Minimum of 3 skaters and a goalie is needed to play a game.


Check out this video of Tony Granato, former NY Ranger & 2018 Olympic Hockey Head Coach, talking about the benefits of 3-on-3 hockey: 

Here’s five reasons why you should play 3-on-3 this Spring:

1. It’s absolutely the most fun way to play hockey!
2. All players are involved in the play making it more interesting for players even of different skill levels. Fewer players on the ice means more opportunities with and around the puck.
3. Becomes a game of strategy and position. Less space and less time requires quicker decision making.
4. 3-on-3 is a “skills” based game, played in tight spaces at a fast pace. Because of this, you quickly improve your “skills” to adapt to this fast pace. It increases puck handling; team play; transition – offense to defense/defense to offense; positioning; time on the ice.
5. Goalies are always in the play, more shots, movement and opportunities to play the puck.